Dyno Comparison -- Stock Ignition System vs. Accel 300+ Digital Ignition Box.

Dyno graph of stock ignition system vs. Accel 300+ digital ignition system.

Here, the dyno shows a 0.0 horsepower and 1.0 ft/lbs torque difference between stock ignition and the Accel 300+ digital ignition. I did this mod mainly for the tach output needed for the Jacobs Nitrous Mastermind.


I did this mod mainly to have a tach output for the Jacobs Nitrous Mastermind. Now that this is in, I can install that unit. I didn't expect to get any performance gain here, as I didn't, so I wasn't suprised or disappointed. I was told that the stock igntion was pretty darn good on the '96-'97 models, and it is. This was a piece of cake to install though, with only a two plugs - the original plug that went to the coil goes into one, and the other goes into the coil. Then, connect a ground and it's done.