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The car finally arrived Friday, July 19, 1996. Dad picked it up for me in Miami on the 27th and there it sat in the garage until I flew down to get it. The car is a 1996 Pontiac Trans-Am WS6, Red w/graphite leather interior, T-tops, 6-speed, and the 1SC full-option package. I have a large set of plans for this car, and everything that I do will be documented here on this webpage. All performance mods will be tested on a Dynojet Inertia Chassis Dynamometer to verify what works and what it gave me. All graphs will be online for you to view or download along with Dynojet's new run viewer. A small graph icon next to a set of modifications indicates that before and after dyno runs are available.

Performance Data

Top Speed: 166 mph no N2O Curb Weight:


Best 1/4 Mile:




Street Tires (315/35ZR17-BFG G-force TA's)




Drag Radials (275/40ZR17-BFG DR)




Current Modifications:

Graph Icon = Dyno Graphs Available Picture Icon = Pictures Available
Engine Modifications:

Dyno Graph Available Stock vs. Hypertech Underdrive Crank Pulley
Dyno Graph Available Stock Program vs. Hypertech Power Programmer Plus & 160 Thermostat

Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil
Dyno Graph Available Stock Throttle Body vs. TPIS Throttle Body Air Foil
Dyno Graph Available Stock Exhaust vs. Borla Adjustable Exhaust
Dyno Graph Available LG Motorsports Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Dyno Graph Available Before and After Bypassing the Throttle Body Coolant
Dyno Graph Available Stock Program vs. The Turbo Shops' Power Loader II Program
Dyno Graph Available CompuCar 150hp Wet Manifold Nitrous Oxide SystemUpdate

Jacobs Nitrous Mastermind Install & Jetting Changes

Meziere Electric Water Pump

Walbro GSS340 255lph In-Tank Fuel Pump

MSD 8.8mm Spark Plug Wires

TTS Equal Length 1-5/8" Headers & 2½" Y-pipe w/dual cats
Suspension Modifications:

Pictures Available LG Motorsports Subframe Connectors
Pictures Available Eibach Springs and Bilstein Shocks

LG Motorsports Transmission Mount Bushing

LG Motorsports Torque Arm Bushing
Pictures Available Stock WS6 17x9" rims widened to 11" and narrowed rear subframe

Global West Custom 1 5/8" dia. Lower Control Arms w/spherical bearings

Global West Double Adjustable Panhard Rod

Drivetrain Modifications:

Dyno Graph Available Stock vs. 1LE aluminum driveshaft

T/A Performance Rear End Girdle
Dyno Graph Available Red Line Synthetic Tranny Fluid & Rear End Fluid
Pictures Available B&M Transmission Cooler For Power Steering Fluid
Dyno Graph Available 1LE Aluminum Driveshaft vs. ACPT's Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
Dyno Graph Available Stock Ignition vs. the Accel 300+ Digital Ignition System
Pictures Available SLP Clutch & Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel Installation
Miscellaneous Modifications:

Pictures Available Stereo Equipment

Hurst Shifter

LG Motorsports Skip-Shift Eliminator

ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

Performance Friction "Z" Brake Pads
Pictures Available Baer Racing Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Red Line Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
Pictures Available Autopower 4-Point Roll Cage w/ Cross Brace and Five Point Simpson Harnesses
Pictures Available Autometer "Z-series" Gauges and Custom A-Pillar Gauge Pod
Pictures Available Baer Racing 13" Track Kit, cross drilled, slotted and zinc washed
Pictures Available Installation of the AutoCom "Easicom" Driver to Navigator Intercom System

Pictures Available

Battery Relocation to Spare Tire Well (current project progress)

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Bang For The Buck Chart
A Look At TTS Power Systems' Data Master Software

Recent Developments:

After a long battle trying to get the car together for the 2001 Silver State Classic Challenge race, the final part of the puzzle left us. With the 12-bolt rear, new, shortened ACPT driveshaft, Star Stage 3 clutch/flywheel setup in place, the motor let go 8 miles out of Ely - the hub for the race.

Over the coming months, I will be assembling the parts to complete a twin turbo, intercooled 383 stroker. Performance is expected to be around 800 rear wheel horsepower. Check back frequently for updates on the project.

Products On The Way (Or Not Yet Installed):

Modifications To Come:

Photo Album

Other Miscellaneous Dyno Runs

Pontiac's Ram Air System Evaluated

If you have a product that is designed to make an LT1 equipped Pontiac/Chevrolet go faster, and would like to see that product tested on a chassis dyno on an independent page, here is your chance. We are also always looking for sponsors for the car. Check out the Events page to see what we have planned. E-mail me to discuss the possibilities.



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