Dyno Comparison -- Stock Program vs. Hypertech Power Programmer Plus and 160 Thermostat

After speaking to Hypertech regarding their dyno habits (they also have a Dynojet dyno), I came to the conclusion that I needed to redo my baseline run. Basically, in all the previous tests, I had been allowing the car to cool down between the runs to simulate the temps I normally see on the street. As Brock at Hypertech pointed out, this varies quite a bit. Here's what I do now: First, run the car until the fans come on. Let the car idle until the fans turn off, then immediately make the run. This explains the slight differences in figures between this baseline and what the pulley made.

Dyno graph of before and after Hypertech Power Programmer & 160 Thermostat.

Here, the dyno shows a 5.6 horsepower and 7.0 ft/lbs torque difference between the stock computer program and a Hypertech Power Programmer Plus with a 160 degree thermostat. Here, we see an average gain of 4.7 horsepower and 6.8 fl/lbs torque. As Check out the Dynojet Race Routine between the stock vehicle, the stock computer program and the Hypertech Power Programmer Plus.


This improvement did give me a seat of the pants gain as well as the noted gain in the graph. The car seems more responsive and the Power Programmer Plus gives you many options that you can change. RPM rev limit, fan activation temperature, gear ratio selection for speedo calibration, etc. can all be changed to fit your car. I have since spoken to Brock at Hypertech again and was told that given my altitude of 5000 feet, my computer is never even seeing the manifold pressure necessary to take full advantage of their programming. We are currently working on making a high altitude version as a module plug-in for the HPP+. Stay tuned for when we get this done.