Meziere Electric Water Pump Installation

Here, the dyno shows a 6.2 horsepower and 5.2 ft/lbs torque difference between the stock water pump and the Meziere electric pump installed. The average here gained 2.8 horsepower and 2.7 ft/lbs torque.


The Meziere electric water pump is a unit I picked for two reasons:

1. The stock pump is rated to flow 25 gallons per minute at 6000rpm. This means at lower rpm's, it flows much less (especially at idle which is tough on a car in the desert). The Meziere pump flows 35 gallons per minute ALL THE TIME!

2. Others' results have shown almost 10 rear wheel horsepower gains. For the $170 group purchase price we received on this item, it was a good bang for the buck item.

I'm not going to get into the installation of the pump, it's all covered on Kelly Drown's page. What I will mention is that you will need a set of water pump-to-block gaskets for this installation.

Since installing the pump, I have not seen any dramatic decreases in operating temperature, but it sure is nice to be able to shut the car off and still have the pump run. I hope to see the biggest differences in temperature during the hottest months here in Las Vegas, but only time will tell. So far I am very pleased with the pump. Throttle response seems a bit quicker, which is always a plus.