Dyno Comparison -- Stock Computer Program vs. The Turbo Shop's Power Loader II Programming

Dyno graph of stock computer program vs. The Turbo Shop's Power Loader II Programming.

Here, the dyno shows a 10.7 horsepower and 9.7 ft/lbs torque difference between stock programming and with The Turbo Shop's Power Loader II programming. Here the average was up 5.5 horsepower and 9.5 ft/lbs torque. I had removed the Hypertech Power Programmer Plus Programming and returned the fuel pressure regulator to the stock 46 psi setting to have a stock baseline again. Where the Hypertech unit made a good 5.6 hp and 7.0 lb-ft of torque, the Power Loader II bested it by nearly 200%! The programming was the standard programming, not modified for my setup other than to have the fans come on earlier for use with the 160 degree thermostat I had already installed. Check out the Dynojet Race Routine between the stock vehicle, the stock programming and the Power Loader Program.


The TTS program offered more throttle response and better overall performance than the stock programming. I also noticed a slight increase in fuel mileage over both the stock programming and the HPP+ programming. Steve Cole, the propreitor of The Turbo Shop, is an extremely knowledgeable guy with probably the best insight to the stock computer of anyone I have spoken with. He can also make a custom program to fit you car's specific needs, including changing gearing, fan turn on/off temps, etc. TTS can be reached at 310-669-8101.