Dyno Comparison -- Stock Exhaust Manifolds & Y-pipe vs. TTS 1-5/8" Equal Length Headers & 2½" Y-pipe

Here, the dyno shows a 14.1 horsepower and 11.9 ft/lbs torque difference between the stock exhaust manifolds and Y-pipe versus the TTS equal length 1-5/8" headers and 2½" Y-pipe. The average here gained 7.5 horsepower and 10.4 ft/lbs torque.


These are the nicest headers I have laid eyes on! 1-5/8" primary tubes, equal length, 16 gauge mild steel construction ceramic coated for extra life. Mild steel is preferred over stainless due to it's ability to heat cycle much longer than stainless, yet with the ceramic coating, they will never rust. These headers utilize a 5/8" thick fly-cut billet steel flange, which will never warp. That's by far the biggest and beefiest 1-piece header flange on the market, and they still weigh 2 pounds less than the stock manifolds.

The tone change was also dramatic. The exhaust note now has a much smoother, revy sound; unlike the previous raspy sound. You can see the
installation page for all the pictures taken during the installation process.